Saturday, November 7, 2009

70s in November?

This morning I awoke (as usual) with a lot of pain in my back, hips, neck and shoulders. I put my heatpacks on, took my meds, and had a coffee and muffin. As I sat and vegged in front of the tv, I was really tired and groggy. I thought I'd go back to sleep for awhile since I was up early. Instead, I got up and made a spinach/mushroom/cheese/tomato omlet. YUM! That was excellent, and when we checked the weather, we found out that today was a going to be a beautiful Fall day. Since most of the week has been Doctor related, Jim and I went out to enjoy the day. For him, it was just being out and in the beautiful weather. He was thrilled to have the sunroof down. I had plans of going to a couple of craft fairs.

The first one was about 35 crafters. It seemed like there was an awful lot of jewelry crafters. And, most of them seem to be alike. Some fleece blankets, and floral arrangements; but nothing that I thought was different.

We saw a sign and went to a church "Women's Expo", which turned out to be mostly vendors, direct sales people, all the usual food, jewelry, etc. There really was not too many people here. Don't think it was well advertised, except for the sign on the main street.

We were told about one at the Arboretum, and went there; however it was $10 pp admission to the ground, so we nixed that idea. If it was a couple weeks ago, we might have gone to see the fall colors; but after the last weeks' rains, etc, there wasn't a whole lot of leaves. The lot was very crowded though. Looks like there was a lot of people enjoying the great day.

The one I really wanted to go to was at College of DuPage. It advertised that there was over 200 crafters from 5 states. Though this one cost us $3.00 each, it was really worth it. A lot of very talented people, lots of chocolate samples (yummy) and best of all, a booth that was giving chair massages. This was worth the price for Jim since the gal really gave a nice backrub. That was also a bonus for me. My fibro had flared up a bit, and the massage therapist worked on my neck/shoulder and back. We also got some info have an appointment to talk with their office next week.
Some of the better things I saw was felted wool purses, probably liked that since I'm working on Felted projects. Also there was some cute fleece short capelets for women and kids!! Good idea for gifts. Also some beautiful solar light sculptures. I need to keep better track of ideas cause I get overload and forget. Oh, just remembered the cute girl and American Girl doll skirts and outfits. Very cute.

Stopped briefly at the Whole Foods. Could not find my Vitamin D that I use; but bought some steel oats for tomorrow's breakfast from the crockpot. Jim had a good time "grazing".

On the way home, we passed a "sample sale" sign and turned in. It was near our old house in Naperville, and was the man who had the outside solar lights for sale. The last time we bought some for 50 cents each, and they lasted 3 years. We had been looking for his sale this summer, and finally found it again! He had some great silvery sleek lights for $1 each, so we bought a bunch. Don't want to put them all out because of the winter snows; but will save some for the Spring. Called and told Jeff about it, thought they might need some for the new house.

We were both starved when we got home, and fortunately still had some leftovers from yesterday, so we nuked that and relaxed. Afterwards, I felt better and just did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen counters, and cleaned the floors! I took advantage of a better afternoon, and got at least a little cleaning done.

Tomorrow's plans are a health fair to look at some CPAP options. What a fun Sunday!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

What is High Maintenance?

This blog is called high maintenance one because that is what my husband says I am. Its meaning can vary, right now it seems that my body is again high maintenance - but not with manicures, pedicures, spa treatments, etc. It's vitamins, pills and aches and pains and ways to alleviate them. It's also having certain standards that you are unwilling to lower and being true to yourself. I try not to be negative and don't need to have negative influences in my life I've always said that being high maintenance is a good thing. So, I guess I am high maintenance!!

What do you think High Maintenance is? Please be positive - remember I'm unwilling to tolerate negativity if I don't have to, so stay positive.
Happy New Year!!! Yesterday was the first day of 2009. I truly hope it will be a better one for all of us.

Today I made Braised Beef Short Ribs for dinner. I saw the post at Smitten Kitchen about a week ago and have been salivating over the thought of these. They were truly delicious. This is why I wanted to blog, so I'll remember where I found the recipe. Here's the link

Hopefully I'll get better at putting links on...I just didn't want to forget this recipe.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting it together

Just trying to keep all my information in one place so I can find things when I need it. This blog will be about food, sewing and crafts, grandkids, baby boomer info, computer stuff and business opportunities and sharing. I'll add or delete as I go on.