Friday, April 2, 2010

Cookie Quiz

Ok, I just took this cookie quiz at Martha Stewart. Although most of the answers were NOT what I would have picked, using their answers here are the results:
You are undoubtedly
Candy-Stripe Cookie Sticks.

You're a little complicated and possibly high maintenance, but well worth it. Go back to the Christmas Workshop for holiday cookie recipes and creative packaging ideas, and then check out the Cookie of the Day.
Did you notice the high maintenance reference....what can I tell you?

Speaking of Cookies, this year was the first in quite a long time that I have not made my Christmas cookies for gift giving. Most times I have made up to 160 DOZEN of 20 different kinds of cookies. This year, because of "stuff" I only made 2 batches, one was Rugelach Pinwheels for Christmas Dinner (a change from the regular rugelah), and the other was a Chocolate Espresso cookie for a cookie exchange. I did make some quick breads; carmelized corn puffs; peanut butter chocolate dipped pretzels covered with nuts, sugar sprinkles and drizzled with white chocolate; sweet and spicy nut mixture and a dark chocolate, pistachio, dried cranberry and white chocolate bark. I'll link the recipes when I get a chance.

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