Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting Rid of my Pain in the Butt today...I hope

Well, today was the second epidural injection for my back.  Actually, when I met with the doc this morning he gave me a choice.  Just an injection in SI, just an injection in L5, or go for broke and get one injection in each to really knock it out....Hmm, so he did 2 of them one in L5 and one in S1.  The latest MRI showed a herniated disk in S1 which is why we did the injection there last time.  It didn't seem to work and was still in continuous bad pain.  BTW, is there good pain?  Oh yeah, it was a good pain when I felt the injection meds going down my leg and tingling, and hurting.  Told the doc it must be the right spot, cause I really felt it.  They wheeled me back to the recovery room on a table, and after taking my vitals and waiting a few minutes, got me up to sit in a recliner for the rest of the recovery time.  Well, I took one step and almost went down on the floor.  My left leg felt NUMB and I couldn't put any weight on it.  Scared me to death.   The nurse helped me into the chair and after about 15 minutes, the tingling/numbness started to subside.  So, Jim got the car and loaded me into it. 

Since I didn't get to have breakfast we went to a restaurant to feed me!!  It was already after noon, and I get cranky when I don't eat. So we brought my 2 ice packs in the restaurant and sat in a booth and iced my back at the same to multi-task.  Had a good hawaiian omlet with pineapple and bacon, hashbrowns (very crispy) and buttermilk pancakes.  YUM...still have some left for tomorrow too.

The restaurant was right across the street from Hancock Fabrics so, we drove on over.  Since I was still a little nervous after the numbness, Jim said he would come in with me.  And, I knew what I was looking for and where it was located, so we didn't shop too long.   Got some black vinyl for Jeff to pad the bar he is making.  He's padding the edges, so I think it will be more comfortable to lean on it, or when you pass out..hmm.  Great price  $6 a yard for flat fold remnant...AND also 50% off that for a total of $3 a yard.  I got 5 yards, even though he doesn't need that much.  He can use the extra to recover some bar stools.  Also looked at some green vinyl to fix Jim's recliner.  It's literally all torn at the seat and foot area.  Got a swatch and it matches really well.  The only thing is that it has worn off at the crease area.  Want to make sure I can manuver it so it doesn't show.  I'll figure it out and get it on Wednesday or Thurs depending on how I feel.

After coming home (I wanted to do a couple more things in the area; but I was exhausted and wisely decided to stop) I again iced on and off.  Watched some TV, and did some hand sewing projects while watching.  When I got tired of sitting, I started to make a chopped salad for lunch, Had some extra cut up veggies and blanched them and put them in a jar of pickle juice.  Did it last week and it was yummy.  Since it was a use up the leftovers in the fridge mood, I also made some foccacia from some dough I had refrigerated from the breadsticks I made last week.  I patted the dough on a greased baking sheet, poked some dents in the dough with my fingertips, lightly oiled it and put some italian seasoning on it, then topped it with some roasted peppers from the fridge and some blue cheese.  Baked at 450 for 20 minutes...  Awesome.  got to make it again.   The chopped salad was a combo of veggies from the fridge, some chickpeas and water chestnuts from the pantry, and a dressing made from the italien dressing I made last week with some of the blue cheese and bacon dip I had made for Easter.  It was really good, and it felt good to be up and about and doing things. 

The rest of the evening, I alternated cleaning up the kitchen and icing and heating my back.  Did take some more Vicodin, and don't seem to be as bad today, though sitting still aggravates it.  I finally got on the computer and checked some stuff, and I think my pills are now kicking in so maybe I can sleep more than the 3 hours I did yesterday.  The fibro isn't as bad today, probably because of all the other meds in my body for the back pain. 

Am looking forward to this injection working, and having more positive stuff to talk about. 

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